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This software comes with NO warranty. Use responsibly.
I AM NOT responsible for any data loss or damage to your computer.

I do not claim to have written a lot of this. see these links for where I got a lot of this material
(better yet follow them if you don't know what you are doing) - Tool that gets auto downloaded (and deleted when the script exits)

You need to make sure that the computer is FULLY updated.
This includes Windows Updates as well as Microsoft store updates.
You should check for updates in both places multiple times BEFORE running the Uninstall.ps1 file

NOTE: If you remove the Microsoft Windows Store, it is permanent and cannot be reinstalled. This means that if you
need an app from there, download it before running the script. Or just don't uninstall the store.

To actually run the script:
1. Open Power Shell as Admin
2. You need to allow powershell scripts to run as windows disables them by default. Simply run this command:
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser
3. Navigate to the directory this script is in
cd <DIR>
4. Run the script:
5. The script may give you additional instructions. please follow them.

NOTE: If you don't know what a program or app is or does either google it or leave it installed.